"University proceedings. Volga region. Natural sciences.” №2, 2013

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Yu.A.Mazei,E.A.Embulaeva, A.S. Trulova

Terricolous testate amoebae in forest-steppe ecosystems (on the data of natural reserve «Volga region forest-steppe»)


A. B. Ruchin, L. V. Egorov, S.K. Alekseev

The annotated list of carrion beetles (Coleoptera, Silphidae) in Mordovia



The theory and algorithm for diagnosis of biological systems with an infinite number of states on the basis of applicable Q-matrices and transition probability matrices



The Influence of phytohormones and sodium selenate on the mitotic activity of apical meristems of rape germinant roots (Brassica napus)


D. A. Kulakova

The ecological peculiarities of Corydalis marschalliana Pers. growth in Penza region


S. G. ogly Maharramov

Anthelmintic effect of plants and their mixtures with chemical agent


V. N. Godin

The plant sexual polymorphism in the Subclass Magnoliidae and Ranunculidae in Siberia. The survey of literature on the subject



 S. V. Kostyukov

The study of the influence of praseodymium, thulium and holmium impurities on the luminescence of solid solutions Y1 xYbxAl3(BO3)4



The synthesis, structure and properties of 3,4-dioxo-1,6-hexanedioate (ketipic) acid esters


Yu. P.Perelygin, S.Yu.Kireev, N. V. Yagnichenko

The electrochemical deposition of zinc from an electrolyte containing lactic acid



S. N. Artemova

Geoecological investigation for landscape planning in Penza region


A. A. Klikunov

On the upper plateau of the Volga Highlands in Penza region


A. S. Sokolov, R. F. Khlebin

The formation of environmental problems and situations in the city of Gomel and their reflection on the complex geoecological map



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